Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday's Plan

Alla is at it again. Hoping to repeat yesterdays 100% perfect execution of the day, we planned another near impossible to accomplish packed day of events.
Rise & shine at 5:10am. Have a quick breakfast bite of something in our stash of nonperishables and be packed for the days activities. Departed the Kiliya hotel 6:15am for the 6hr drive to the city of Berezivka. Mission in this city is change birth certificate of the boys in their birth city, to reflect their new rightful parents as per court decree. Half the road was great highway while remaining 3hrs of it was rush from crater to crater dodging washouts, holes the size of a pitchers mound, sometimes departing the highway entirely and driving a few hundred feet next to the highway on a dirt trail to avoid a bad stretch of nonexist highway.
We arrived in the boys birth city around 12:30pm and found the office of administration and put in our request only to be met by typical Soviet era beaurocracy; this clerk lady who is legally responsible for such matters quickly left for lunch break in a fancy car courtesy of her husband and/or boyfriend. After returning several minutes late from lunch break she proceeds to tell us our petition has to be mailed from Kiliya rather then hand delivered in person. So doing some phone calls our coordinator lady got them to phone her directly and get her past this hurdle only to have her dream up another hurdle. So we have been in town several hours  now  explaning away, showing her court documents, having other city officials call her directly etc. as we try to get this task accomplished. As late as we now are for our return trip, it already canceled our plans for when we return to Kiliya tonight yet. Thus, doing the boys passport photos in kiliya tonight yet will not happen as well as revisiting court house in Kiliya to submit the new petition of the boys birth certificates and applying for their passports. This will now all be postponed till tomorrow. Not necessary and not welcome and all due to nonsensical beauracracy from a low level gov worker.
Oh did I mention Vickie and Astrid opted to stay in Kiliya by themselves and be adventurous for the day. I'm sure they will have an awesome blog post to tell us when we get back to Kiliya.

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